Love it when fans get in contact with me to ask questions. A question I received recently asked me “what music, and who do I like to listen to when not working on my own stuff” Great question. 

Well that is very easy to answer, my first music to listen to would obviously be Country Music (new or old) and unless anyone lives in a bubble, on another planet, my favorite artist of all time is Kacey Musgraves. 

As for non-country, one of my favorite artists (maybe unknown to many of you) is a young lady from right here in Malta, where I live. Jessica Magro. 

Jessica and her duet partner on keyboard Siobhan are very impressive, and I have seen live on many occasions. 

Jessica however has a wonderful solo career, and her songs and talent are excellent. 

I have attached below a link to Jessica, so you can hear for yourself, and have, of course, attached a link to The new album from Kacey, which was released on Friday last week. 

Hope that answers the question, keep those questions coming. 

Jessica link 

Kacey Link 


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